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Narrative – Short Film




When a recent sex trafficking survivor, TY, and an ex-detective, JAMES, stake out a motel to collect evidence, they witness a passed-out woman being transported to one of the rooms by two men. Ty recognizes the young woman from the underground compound where she was trafficked. The men bring her into the motel room where X-MAN, a ruthless ex-convict, walks out. Ty informs James that X-MAN was a buyer in the compound, confirming that they have witnessed a smaller piece of a larger sex trafficking operation. Ty, connected to the young woman’s plight, discovers that it’s up to her and James to get her out. After the rescue mission, Ty and the additional two survivors, Vanessa and Claire, begin to bond and shortly after, decide they are going to rescue the other girls trapped in the underground compound. James begins tactical training with the newly formed wolf pack where they find belonging, purpose, and their tenacity to fight back.

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