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This film bears great potential as a catalyst to bring attention to critical policy discourses that stand to promote the well-being of all, particularly those whose basic needs are neglected by our society’s present mode of governance. This film stands to catalyze a more pragmatic, economically-literate approach to questions of affordability when it comes to governments’ abilities to meet the rapidly compounding challenges of our time: addressing the despair resulting from the pandemic recession, reversing inequalities through the economic empowerment of marginalized populations, the mitigation of ecological disturbances and conservation of natural resources, the construction and re-tooling of our physical infrastructure for a new energy paradigm, and the promotion of a new institutional framework to facilitate a just transition into a new economy with a more representative democracy. After all, pathways in the direction of this very progression are our only option should we be concerned with the vitality, integrity, and well-being of our communities around the globe. We have the untold potential of humanity to win and quite literally the world to lose.

I stand by the belief that the knowledge, wealth, and resources at the disposal of our society ought to be shared equitably such that all are free to achieve their full potential. The goal of the film is to distill and synthesize rather arcane knowledge in order to invite a broader audience of specialists and non-specialists alike to consider these experts’ works through a relatable character-driven narrative. While I am not so optimistic as to anticipate expedient policy reform as a direct consequence of this film, I hold the deep conviction that this is the right moment to start a more inclusive conversation. Inviting non-specialists to the conversation is essential in order to rejoin economics with the adjacent social sciences, and further, is a critical step in shaping a future where students, rising economists, interdisciplinary scholars, policymakers, and philanthropic institutions can better orient their attention and resources toward the utilization and expansion of these scholars’ works.

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