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Opera including video, art, and shows




OPERA RITROVATA is a small portable opera company with a sense of humor—dedicated to promoting unjustly forgotten works of women and minorities as well as fresh reinterpretations of currently canonic pieces.

Structured democratically, OPERA RITROVATA is run by the musicians and artists that form its core, allowing each member of a production to have a say in decisions that might otherwise be determined by one director. As they strongly believe in music’s role as a force for positive social change they do not shy away from the possible current political implications of the musical past. OPERA RITROVATA will synthesize the worlds of chamber music and opera, allowing the opera of neglected voices to flourish and inspire a new generation.


Their first major project was a presentation of opera scenes on July 13th, 2018 at St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral. They performed excerpts of operas by Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre (1665-1729) and Joseph Bologne “Chevalier de Saint-George” (1745-1799) and a newly commissioned work by local composer George N. Gianopoulos. This performance was videotaped and they have now made the first available recordings of vocal music by Joseph Bologne accessible for free their website and on YouTube. OPERA RITROVATA aims to continue to increase access to these works and make performance editions of the Bologne opera (currently there is only an 18th-century edition which is very difficult to use) available to other organizations in exchange for a suggested donation. Looking forward to 2019-2020 OPERA RITROVATA plans to present a season based on the works excerpted in their July performance. OPERA RITROVATA will stage these works at a variety of locations, without excessive scenery, but with costumes and otherwise fully staged. A benefit of their small size will be the ability to perform in a wide range of venues and stage operas in schools as part of our education program. Our long term goals include making high quality recordings, setting up our own opera house, and presenting a new season of operas each year. 

To make a donation in support of OPERA RITROVATA make out a check payable to: SIMA STUDIOS and mail to 632 Westbourne Drive, West Hollywood 90069, CA. SIMA’s Tax ID is 46-2836025.  Be sure to write “OPERA RITROVATA” on the notes/memo line of the check. If you would prefer to make a wire transfer, please reach out to Micheal Mendoza at

To donate via Paypal/ Credit Card click below. Every amount is appreciated and an important contribution.