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Untitled: An Abolitionist Game

The game is rooted in principles of abolition and transformative justice. Players are encouraged to create a community without policing, prisons, racial capitalism, ableism, cisheteropatriarchy–ultimately, a world free from systems of oppression and control–involving not just destruction, but a collective rebuilding. This rebuilding has to begin in our interpersonal relationships on the smallest scale. This game offers a structure within which players can experiment with their ideas and learn how to collaborate, engage in generative conflict, advocate for their ideas, change course when necessary, and bring what they have learned to their own lives.

The game takes place in three parts. In the first part, players reflect on their values and dreams of the world they want to build, first as individuals and then as a collective, by answering a set of questions together. How do we want to use resources? How do we want to deal with someone who has caused harm? In the second part, they are assigned to a set of rules based on the social structures of either fungi, cetaceans, birds, or humans, and sent on a series of missions. Each mission will place players in situations where they must work through personal, interpersonal, and systemic conflict and collectively work backward to create the community they imagined. At the end of the game, there is a time for reflection – how did they engage productively with conflict? What worked or didn’t work about their ideal world? Who benefited and who was left out? And finally, how can they bring what they have learned into their lives?

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