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SIMA is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt arts organization registered in California and Germany. We exist to advance global awareness, social justice, human rights and education by supporting content creators, activists, educators and changemakers on the front-lines of social change, and amplifying the impact of their works to inspire activism, compassion and social transformation.


In 2012, award-winning documentary filmmaker and human rights activist, Daniela Kon founded SIMA to support and champion excellence in social impact filmmaking by launching an annual awards program and global distribution platforms that amplify the power of media to foster a world that is free from prejudice, discrimination and oppression.

SIMA started as the first and only international media competition honoring achievements in the creative, human rights and humanitarian fields. Today, SIMA is the most renowned global curator in the social impact space, serving independent film, academic and global social justice industries around the world.




The annual SOCIAL IMPACT MEDIA AWARDS honor eye-opening documentaries, XR, and production companies that exemplify excellence in their potential to inspire social change. Each year, projects are selected from over 140 countries around the world, competing for awards, cash prizes, media features, and entry into SIMA’s impact distribution channels.

Our international distribution channels: SIMA Academy and The SIMA Traveling Series maximize the impact and exposure of the best films from our annual awards. Through unique partnerships and collaborations with international organizations, educational institutions, and changemakers, we bring social impact storytelling into classrooms and communities worldwide, cultivating awareness, education and engagement from the grassroots level and up.



Our Fiscal Sponsorship program allows us to enable creative impact projects to raise tax-deductible funds in the US, in all stages of development, production, post-production, distribution, outreach and impact campaigns. Find out more here.

We have worked at the intersection of human rights and impact media for over a decade, building relationships with community leaders and organizations on every continent, developing engagement strategies and platforms that serve as catapults for creative projects to create change. We live by the rules of “responsible impact through creativity” and offer consulting services to projects in all stages from ideation to execution. Contact us to discuss your project/ time-line and fees.


Our nexus of filmmakers, activists, film lovers and social innovators, human rights, humanitarian, and education forums across 140 countries are as diverse as the content we celebrate, curate, screen and distribute.

3,000+ Filmmakers
5,396+ Educators
146,930+ Students
2,076 Institutions
92 Global Screening Partners