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We create distribution and engagement platforms that maximize the impact and exposure of the world’s best social impact cinema. Our annual Traveling Series showcases SIMA films in grassroots community forums around the globe that build coalition and capacity for local impact projects to advance human rights, social justice and sustainable development. Current screening locations include: Cambodia, Colombia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and the Philippines.


The following platforms are accessible to audiences and organizations year round:


Explore our “Netflix for changemakers” that equips learners and leaders with the tools and perspectives to create a more just and equitable future. HERE

SIMA RAMA – Virtual Cinema

Make use of our virtual cinema platform, SIMA RAMA for screenings, panels and fundraisers to engage your networks and showcase your work the way you want.


Host screenings of the best films from the annual SIMA Awards via our online catalogue, the SIMA Collection and foster local and global engagement in support of issues that matter.