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Our Fiscal Sponsorship program is open to all creative impact projects and all independent filmmakers, producers, innovators, organizations and artists regardless of education, background or previous credits. NOTE: We charge a maximum 7% administration fee upon disbursements of funds. We do not charge application or membership fees.


Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization, such as SIMA, agrees to sponsor a project that furthers our mission, for the purpose of fundraising through grants and donations. This alternative to starting your own nonprofit allows you to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations for your creative social impact project, documentary or campaign, with the oversight and endorsement of SIMA, the world’s pioneering global social impact media agency.


We live at the intersection of creativity and social impact. It’s what we do!

We exist to support independent filmmakers, content creators, producers, organizations and artists around the globe in utilizing their skills and creativity to create positive change in the world. Our Fiscal Sponsorship program allows us to elevate projects in all stages of development, production, post-production, distribution, outreach and impact campaigns helping creators and creative activists who may otherwise not be able to secure the funding they need to see their projects financed, finished and unleashed to have impact!

As Fiscal Sponsors on your project, SIMA will not take any ownership of your work, nor will we infringe on your creative control, copyright, or prevent you from future sales or profit from your project. SIMA seeks to be as non-intrusive and supportive as possible in monitoring projects. The main thing we do is to assure that you can raise funds in the US that are tax-deductible, and that the money you raise is being properly disbursed and used for the project as intended. NOTE: As a Fiscally Sponsored Project you are welcome to submit to the annual SIMA Awards, but are not guaranteed eligibility, entry or short-list selection.


Applications are considered on an ongoing basis. There is no submission deadline. The review of your application will take place within two weeks of submission.


SIMA supports those fiscally sponsored projects that are consistent with our IRS-approved charitable mission. Projects must be artistic and social issue driven in nature and may not be produced solely for commercial gain. The term “project” is used very broadly, and may refer to a one-time project or an ongoing series.​



  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older and an independent filmmaker, producer, social entrepreneur, documentarian or artist.
  • The project must be a media or arts project with an evident social, environmental, humanitarian or human rights theme.
  • Applicant must be the creator who owns the copyright of the work and has artistic, budgetary, and editorial control.
  • Proven Access: The applicant must be able to provide proof/documentation of access to the people, locations, or other specific subject matter of the project.
  • The project can be in any stage of development, production, post production or distribution.
  • As a fiscally sponsored project, applicants are responsible for their own fundraising and accounting. Applicants should take some time to think about the development strategy, project identity and whom they will contact as potential sources of funding. Applicants will be expected to submit a fundraising plan along with the application.


  • Grant programs, scholarship programs, or any other scenario in which you’ll be re-granting the money you receive from us
  • Commercial projects with the primary goal of making money
  • Projects without a substantial social issue media component
  • Student films produced through universities or colleges
  • Projects where the applicant is not the owner and direct controller of the project
  • Projects that could be considered in support of a political campaign or candidate
  • Anything illegal, contrary to law.


By submitting an application you agree to be legally bound by the fiscal sponsorship grant agreement. Please review it carefully before applying.


Please see our FAQ for further details on the application process and additional information.

When you are ready to apply, please fill out this application form.

For any question about fiscal sponsorship with SIMA, don’t hesitate to contact us​. We look forward to hearing about your work and vision.