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Virtual Reality (VR)




FROM SEA TO RISING SEA is a live action VR musical film experience. It is a user-friendly call to action that gives viewers the opportunity to lessen their carbon emissions and make legit changes on the spot. We will harness the power of choreography, music, and 360 filmmaking to transport viewers to beautiful water-based locations in order to carry our message and activate viewers. Our cast includes a flock of brainy, bookish synchronized swimmers, a marine biologist, and a protagonist asking questions about how she (and we the viewers) can lessen our carbon footprints. We are taking a creative approach to addressing climate change through the powerful medium of Virtual Reality and are exploring this important issue with a sense of humor and a solution oriented mindset. We definitely have our work cut out for us and appreciate your willingness to consider making a donation. Much love and digital/virtual hugs!

To make a donation in support of FROM SEA TO RISING SEA make out a check payable to: SIMA STUDIOS and mail to 551 Norwich Drive, West Hollywood, CA 90048. SIMA’s Tax ID is 46-2836025. Be sure to write “FROM SEA TO RISING SEA” on the notes/memo line of the check. If you would prefer to make a wire transfer, please reach out to

To donate via Paypal/ Credit Card click below. Every amount is appreciated and an important contribution.