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Narrative Film



Never Break The Chain or The Effects of Rumours On Our Lives

This group of friends have known each other most of their lives and they’ve been through mostly great times. What happened? They woke up one morning and realized, they were no longer the young, cool kids they thought they once were.

Our story opens on the death of Marshall’s husband which bring the group back together after a while apart. The story takes a course over the next few years as they grow and learn about not only their love for each other, but their love for relationships that never came about…Until now.

In the story, the friends address alcoholism and how it separated some of the group. Katie, as well as Thomas examines the mental toll of infidelity and why self worth is far more important than shying back into a relationship that is more harmful than status quo. Marshall and Cassandra learn, although they don’t have children, they actually might make good parents…For other people’s children. Elizabeth teaches that a friend is a friend, even at 7000 miles away. And DK learns, dreaming is never an escape but a quest. Through all of it, we learn of love…Friendship Love and Suppressed Love. We all have our place and in that group of friends, all those places combined to make the perfect person…All while loving Fleetwood Mac.

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