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Docu Series

Development (4 Films Completed, 2 More in Development)



OUR JOURNEY is a series of films exploring the refugee crisis the world is currently facing. We pay particular attention to the Yemeni refugees who came to South Korea in 2018 seeking asylum but the last 2 films will be in Oman and Jordan looking at the much larger picture.

Since early 2018, Neil George, a British human rights film director, who has been living in South Korea since 2011, started working on a new series of short films, in association with the UNHCR, exploring the stories of the Yemeni refugees who came to Jeju seeking asylum. The refugees, unable to return to Yemen due to the civil war, for fear of death and potentially being enlisted into the fight, are now spending their time in search of a new place to call home. But is their idea of home a place of beauty or is it something as simple as having a place to rest their heads without fear?

Throughout the series, we listen to various refugees talk about their stories and what brought them to Korea and their struggles before and after arriving. We listen to their hopes and dreams for their future and how they feel about the war raging in Yemen. We question the idea of several words that we all take for granted in our everyday life and what they mean to us all. Dreams, hope, family, passion, life, and death. These words often have very simple associations to us but to refugees, these words can cause fear, pain and on occasion delight.

You may be wondering, what is the significance of the Yemeni refugees?

As you are all aware the Yemen war has been raging on for more than 5 years now and in fact, Yemen has never really settled since after the North/South divide in the 1990s. Yemen’s civil war paints a small picture in and often misunderstood issue. The headlines around the world are usually about Syrian or African refugees and so Yemen has got caught up in this and so often goes overlooked.

For people to understand the refugee issue, on both the small and larger scale, they must come to understand the current situation that is happening in all countries, including Yemen.

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