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The Legacy Project

The Legacy Project will be a 6-part documentary series focusing on the key facets of the legacy left by the failed war on drugs. The archaic campaign continues to effectively be a war against culture, people and American and global citizens. Although the persecution goes back centuries, the inclusion of cannabis at the international level as a schedule 1 drug and the subsequent War on Drugs imposed by the United States and other governments, has served nothing more than to further disenfranchise specific groups of people, largely based on race and financial profile. We will delve into the history behind the criminalization of specifically the cannabis plant, explore the effects this has had on communities and countries, discuss the impact this has had on medical research and the manufacture of medicines, and meet some of the individuals most affected by the failed policies and those working to make a change in the criminal justice system, prisoner reintegration programmes, immigration policies, and much needed medical research.

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