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Narrative Film




VIOLET BLVD. is a short thriller that aims to question the preconceptions and prejudices domestic victims face in the justice system. The film follows Elise, an emotionally distraught housewife moments after her husband’s death. She is introduced in the bathroom, attempting to wash blood off her hands but the blood will not wash off no matter how hard she scrubs. When two police officers arrive to investigate reports of screams, she hides the blood and struggles to convince them of her innocence as they investigate the scene. Prompted by her suspicious behavior, the officer demands she show him what is under her sleeves. We learn there isn’t blood, only bruises. Despite this and all other evidence demonstrating an obvious case of self-defense, the police take her in regardless. They attribute her husband’s abuse as a motive for murder, disregard her as a victim and begin treating her as a suspect. The familiar motif of washing bloody hands demonstrates traditional themes of guilt which dates back to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. This time the motif gets spun into a new twist, incorporating mental stress and shame through the reveal of bruises.

VIOLET BLVD. will feature low key lighting that works to create a sense of apprehension and mystery. Camera movement will be handheld and shot in medium or medium close ups to immerse the audience in Elise’s perspective, riddled with paranoia and unease. Additionally, there will be some atmosphere or fog to create a dusty, hopeless setting. Set dressing shows a once pristine and happy house now taken by the force of the abusive relationship. Colorful keepsakes and photos of her life are dusty and hidden in the background, with dark and cool tones forming the foreground. This builds a layered timeline of sorts which gives subtle insight to the degradation of her marriage that has led to present day.

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