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Social Impact Media Awards Partners With World Merit For World Merit Day



Contact: Lucy Xiong, Communications Manager


Social Impact Media Awards Partners With World Merit For World Merit Day

Winner of SIMA’s World Merit Challenge will receive a cash prize and twelve additional films.

LOS ANGELES (June 2018) – Social Impact Media Awards has teamed up with World Merit, a world renowned social enterprise that catalyzes action against social issues, for the World Merit Challenge.

SIMA is a non-profit social impact media agency. Through their annual Awards and distribution programs SIMA works with filmmakers, schools and communities globally to advance sustainable development & human rights through film. With this Challenge, SIMA is inviting the World Merit community to host an impact film screening that focuses on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and report on the impact.

This year’s World Merit Day is special, and that’s because of our awesome partnership with SIMA “SOCIAL IMPACT MEDIA AWARDS” that bring global human rights issues, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), social innovations and entrepreneurship to life.”  – Siobhan Connelly, World Merit

There will be one Challenge winner that receives a $500 cash prize and twelve additional films for their year-round community events. There will be five runner-up winners who will receive film and community organizing mentorship from SIMA. All participants will receive points upon reporting their Impact via the World Merit Impact App.

“We’re excited to launch this Challenge with World Merit and empower local leaders to bring the SDGs to their own communities through the power of social impact cinema” – Daniela Kon Founder, Executive Director – SIMA

To be eligible, participants must be a World Merit Member and live outside of the US/Canada/Europe.

The qualifying screenings must be hosted on or around July 24th, 2018, which is World Merit Day — a day to come together as one, one community and one world. The deadline to report impact is August 8th, 2018. Winners will be announced August 15th, 2018.

Information on how to sign up and participate can be found here:

For the Challenge sign-up link, click here.

For media inquiries please contact: